Token Creation

This tutorial shows how to create your own token on the Nero for free. You can choose your favorite token name, symbol, and total supply and then have your own customized token!

Connect Your Wallet

Click the 'CONNECT' button to open the 'Connect a Wallet' interface. From here, you can choose to connect your existing wallet or click on 'Nero Test' to connect your Google account.

Please Note

  • If you have not previously connected to the Nero network, please refer to this page where we provide a comprehensive tutorial.

  • For more information on connecting your Google account to the Nero testnet, please refer to this page.

Entering the Information

Navigate to the TOKEN CREATION Page and enter the information in the order indicated by the prompts.

Step I: Enter your desired token name.

Step II: Enter your desired token symbol.

Step III: Enter the total supply, which must be greater than 0. Once you've done this, click the 'Create My Token' button.

Next, the 'Transaction Confirm interface' will pop up, and then click the 'Confirm' button.

You will see your own customized token shown in the 'My Wallet' interface.

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