6 Native Account Abstraction Support

Account abstraction is a concept within blockchain technology that aims to provide flexible management of user accounts based on smart contracts. Traditionally, in blockchain networks, user accounts are managed directly through blockchain's native account system, with each account possessing an address and a private key. These accounts are used to send and receive cryptocurrency and interact with smart contracts deployed on the blockchain. However, with account abstraction, the responsibility for managing user accounts is shifted away from the blockchain's native account system and into the realm of smart contracts themselves. In this model, user accounts are represented as smart contracts, with management modules containing the necessary logic to handle transactions and manage balances. Users interact with their accounts by invoking methods on these smart contract representations, rather than by directly interacting with the blockchain's account system. NERO deeply integrates the account abstraction model, natively supporting various functions of abstract accounts, and systematically enhances user interactions in the following aspects:

Enhanced Flexibility: By abstracting account management into smart contracts, users gain greater flexibility and control over their accounts. They can define custom account structures and behaviors to suit their specific needs, rather than being constrained by the limitations of the blockchain's native account system.

Improved Privacy: Account abstraction can improve privacy by enabling users to implement sophisticated privacy-enhancing techniques within their account contracts. For example, users can implement privacy-preserving transaction protocols like zero-knowledge proofs or ring signatures directly within their account contracts, enhancing the confidentiality of their transactions.

Reduced Gas Costs: Account abstraction can potentially reduce gas costs for users by enabling more efficient transaction processing. Since account contracts can implement custom transaction logic tailored to specific use cases, they can optimize transaction execution to minimize gas consumption. This can result in cost savings for users, particularly for complex or frequent transactions.

Enhanced Security: By abstracting account management into smart contracts, account abstraction can enhance security by reducing the attack surface of the blockchain's native account system. Smart contracts can implement robust security measures, such as multi-signature authentication or time-locked transactions, to protect user funds and prevent unauthorized access.

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