6.3 MPC-TSS Technology Integration

NERO employs a cutting-edge technology known as MPC-TSS(Multi-Party Computation with Threshold Secret Sharing) to enhance the security and control of EOAs(Externally Owned Accounts). MPC-TSS represents a sophisticated cryptographic technique that enables secure and distributed computation among multiple parties, ensuring that no single entity has access to sensitive information in its entirety.

With MPC-TSS, the control over EOAs in the NERO ecosystem is decentralized and safeguarded against potential security threats. Rather than relying on a single entity or centralized authority to manage and control EOAs, MPC-TSS distributes control among multiple parties, each holding a share of the cryptographic key required to access the EOA. This distribution of control ensures that no single party can access the EOA's assets or perform unauthorized transactions without the cooperation of the other parties involved in the MPC-TSS protocol.

Moreover, MPC-TSS enhances the resilience of EOA control by implementing a threshold mechanism, which specifies the minimum number of parties required to collaboratively reconstruct the cryptographic key and access the EOA. This threshold-based approach adds an additional layer of security, as it ensures that even if some parties become compromised or unavailable, the EOA remains protected as long as the threshold requirement is not breached.

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